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RE: Who Else Wants To Raise Beef Cattle?


Dear Beef Cattle Farmers or Ranchers,

Are you frustrated with the limited quality of Raising Beef Cattle books on the market? Are you disappointed again that they are difficult to follow? Not enough information? Do you have questions on raising cattle properly that need to be answered?

You have tons of questions about raising beef cattle and you’re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to get the true and complete facts.

If you have any interest at all in getting a cattle or calf… and if you want to find out what type of cattle you should get…or you just want to figure out whether you should get a cattle or not…keep reading on for the most important information you need to know.

Whatever your reason for choosing these fascinating livestock, you need to know how to raise them properly, from planning their birth to how to take care of them properly.

I searched in almost all the corner bookstores around. Yeah, sure I found a few cattle books, livestock books and the all too unknown books about livestock authored by the so-called ‘experts’. I bought them happily and started reading… but when I applied the tips given, I discovered there was still SO MUCH MORE that was NOT addressed!

After a hard consideration, I set out to find these secrets myself. It was not easy at first, but I pursued and persevered.

I ended up doing my own research to find out the truth about these secrets so that I can take good care of my own herds… all of my beef cattle.

Then, I wanted them to get along with each other AND the children. I spent over 3 months just communicating with veterinarians, other beef cattle owners and various experienced breeders of different cattle types. My goal was to get global expertise from different people and get their input as well as learn from their experiences.

For example, do you really know:

What kind of beef cattle produce the most meat?
How much does it cost to feed beef cattle until slaughter?
I want to start a small beef cattle herd for my own consumption and also to sell beef. How do I get started?
What are a good breed of beef cattle for beef production for coastal areas?
What is the best beef cattle breed for raising in a tropical country like Venezuala or Brazil?
Is there a difference in the taste of beef from different types of cattle?
Can I start a small beef cattle farm with 20 cows in 23 acreas of land with a pond on it?
What are the traits that a farm would select for in beef cattle?
Some methods of beef cattle movements?
After conception, what changes occur in beef cattle?
What would required to start a beef cattle farm for 200 cows?
Can you give me names of good magazines for ranching practices for raising beef cattle?
How long do you keep beef cattle before you can sell them?
Where can you buy grain for beef cattle online?

What should I feed beef cattle to keep them healthy?

What are the steps in starting a beef cattle farming business?
Where can I find beef cattle for sale?
How do I go about raising my own beef cattle?
Where can I find information on beef cattle?
What are the different production systems to raise beef cattle?


Did You Know?
Worldwide there are more than 250 breeds of beef cattle.1
The breed, or combination of breeds, used in a defined
breeding program have a
significant impact on the
efficiency and profitability
of the beef enterprise.1
Consumer spending on beef was $76 billion in 2008 and has grown $26.9 billion since

1 From Virginia Cooperative Extension
2 From National Cattlemen/s Beef Association


A great resource for all aspects of raising beef cattle. I've been putting off raising beef for years. Now I know just what I want to do. I learned so much, and I'm sure I will turn to this again and again once we have our cattle. This book will guide you through all the steps and explain why you should do things. I couldn't stop reading it and I’m just lucky to found your website.

Mark Thompson
San Antonio, TX


I ordered this ebook to learn more about raising the beef cattle we had just purchased. I am well satisfied with the informatiion contained. I have gleaned a great deal of knowledge about beef cattle and am now more prepared for this new endeavor. Probably should have read the book before buying the dexter cattle!

George Walker
Houston, TX


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If you answered ‘no’ or ‘not sure to even one of these questions you ARE putting your beef cattle at risk!

Then, I researched on the internet, burning the midnight oil to read articles and forum posts to find out more. And, of course, I did not forget about the tips I've gathered from books I've bought from the local bookstores.

Phew! It was a lot of work. But if you were to ask me whether it was worth the effort, I'll say YES because I finally got my answers. It's no longer a secret to me how to raise my beef cattle happily and healthily the way I want it.

Here's your ticket to fast-track learn that and to end any shooting in the dark, figuring how to achieve that…

I've recently put together a 235 pages downloadable ebook called..


This is unlike ANY book on beef cattle you see on the shelf because it's a researched book from people who personally own different beef cattle. If you want to learn how to cook, would you ask a gardener to teach you or a chef?

With that said, The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Beef Cattle is a collection of tips and secrets from many beef cattle lovers (like you and me), instead of opinions of a single 'cattle-expert'.

Here are short descriptions of what you'll discover in this handbook:

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Beef Cattle

>> Discover the beef industry statistics and learn how you can value this livestock from the broad overview

>> Find out the beef market at a glance from the U.S cattle supply, the consumer demand for beef, beef in retail stores, foodservices and in the home

>> Learn the common beef cattle terms and terminology of beef cattle so that you can speak the same lingo when speaking with other beef cattle owners without feeling out of place


Chapter 2 - Getting Started: Farm & Cattle
>> Find out the 6 sectors where the beef production industry are grouped into so that you are aware of the various important sectors

>> Learn the list of available resources inventory that may dictate the type and size of cattle operation that would be feasible for you

>> Discover tips on how to develop a written management and business plan even before you purchase your first head of cattle


Chapter 3 - Beef Cattle Types: Choosing A Beef Breed
>> Uncover the types of beef cattle breeds which are commonly available in America, Britain, and the Continental area. Know exactly the 29 different common beef cattle breeds and understand their characteristics to help you decide

>> One of the common questions is which cattle breed is the best for quality beef. Learn the 8 major performance traits so that it can be use as a guide when selecting your beef cattle

>> Find out the 3 approaches and methods you can practice after learning about the major performance traits

>> Studies of selection experiments have shown that the sire may be responsible for about 90% of the change in trait. Learn the 7 vital questions a cattle owner should consider when buying a bull

>> Learn the 10 steps to buying the right bull

>> Discover the 5 traits you should consider when selecting heifers from the herd for brood cow replacements


Chapter 4 - Feeding Beef Cattle
>> Feed is the largest single cost of a beef operation. Learn tips on how to manage your forages that will provide the biggest return of investment for your farm

>> Find out how to determine the feed required for your beef cattle

>> Discover the steps for alternative feeding strategies using 2 different types of forages to improve the overall use of the forage
>> Get to know the proper nutrition for a productive and profitable cow-calf herd

>> Learn and understand the basic digestive physiology, types of nutrients, and requirements of the cow in order to produce a healthy herd

>> Uncover the 10 rules for maintaining rumen health and this can prevent many serious problems in beef cattle



This book was very informative for my neighbor and myself who bought 4 calves each to raise for beef. It has an excellent section on the health and wellness of your cow. I learned more than I would of ever imagined in this section of the book. The suggestions that were given in this book were very handy for an amateur farmer such as myself. Thanks again John!

Thomas Ward

Georgia, USA


Chapter 5 - Beef Cattle Nutrition
>> For nutritional purposes, learn the 4 important phases of the annual production cycle for the beef cow. Each of these phases is physiologically unique and each has its own set of nutritional requirements

>> Discover the different factors that affect the nutrient requirements so that cattle owners can make adjustments to changes such as a month of cold weather, moving to a hilly pasture and etc

>> Find out the example diets for beef cattle during the different stage of the cattle development


Chapter 6 - Keeping Cattle Healthy

>> Learn the deficiency symptoms if your cattle is lacking in any of these 5 minerals

>> Discover the importance of vitamins in the growth, reproduction and maintenance of your cattle herd

>> Find out the 3 vital elements to help you formulate and accurate ration of all nutrients required for your beef cattle

>> Many times the importance of water to beef cattle is overlooked. Learn the approximate total daily water intake needed for your beef cattle according to the environment temperature

>> Uncover the common infectious cattle diseases and vaccine that causes sudden death, respiratory problems and reproductive issues
>> Learn the treatment for internal and external parasite control for your beef cattle

>> Find out when to worm your young cattle, feeder cattle and beef cows

>> Discover the 3 different methods of administering a wormer to individual beef cattle to ensure they are getting the required amount relative to its body weight

>> Learn tips on how to design a vaccination program for your beef cattle


Chapter 7 - Cattle Handling Facilities
>> Learn the critical steps on planning a good handling facility for your beef cattle which allows for the treatment of beef cattle, reduces the possibility of injury to both cattle and your team

>> Find out the 7 components which a good and effective handling facility should contain

>> Get to know the function and recommended requirements in dimensions for each of this 7 components so that you use it effectively whether it be for British beef cattle breed or other exotic breeds


Chapter 8 - Methods of Identification

>> Find out a simple system that has been satisfactory for many producers and used to record the performance or production of beef cattle within a herd

>> Learn 2 common methods which are used for cow and calf identification

>> Discover the materials required and the branding procedure for freeze branding


Chapter 9 - Beef Cattle Production

>> Beef production represents the largest single segment of American agriculture. Find out the 7 different stages of beef production and explore which stages you can venture into

>> How successful the bulls are in getting the cows pregnant will determine the profitability of the cow-calf operations. Discover effective bull management tips for a successful breeding season

>> Uncover 3 principles that you can practice as a guideline for replacement heifer development steps

>> Learn the proven steps and practices in making decisions, selection, management, development related to increasing the odds for success of replacement heifers

>> Find out how and why crossbreeding can optimize a number of economically important traits while simultaneously reducing costs of production to remain competitive

>> Get to know the 6 factors and challenges that need to be considered when evaluating choice of crossbreeding system

>> Discover 5 crossbreeding program that you can consider that can take advantage of both heterosis and breed complementarily

>> Acquire knowledge and tips on sire selection for crossbreeding programs where it is critical in regards to genetic improvement

>> Data from research indicate that 1 out of every 4/5 cows will fail to wean calf each year. Learn tips on how to determine the pregnancy in beef cattle


Chapter 10 - Weaning The Calves

>> Weaning time is stressful for both mother cow and her calf. Discover the steps that producers can take to lessen the impact of weaning on health and weight gain on calf and cow

>> Learn the 2 step weaning process that has been developed in an effort to reduce the negative effects of traditional weaning

>> Find out the benefits of weaning calves for cow-calf producers and feedlot operators

>> Calving difficulty is a major cause of death loss in cow-calf herds. Get to know the identification and prevention steps during calving emergencies in beef cattle

>> Discover 9 interesting beef nutrition facts from research



A practical guide, compile in a language that is easy to understand. This book is an easy and captivating read, written for the family that wants to raise good wholesome beef for themselves and perhaps a few others. It does cover everything you'll need to know to raise several beef cattle from buying to weaning. Great photos, concise plans and descriptions as well as good advice. I would recommend it to everyone I sell cattle to!

David Beard
Shelton, WA


Chapter 11 - Marketing Beef Cattle

>> Discover the steps in developing and implementing a successful marketing plan

>> Find out 5 key points that can help you increase your chances of marketing your beef products. You will be provided with case in point as example for better understanding to apply in your situation

>> Learn the elements which drive profitability in the cow-calf business

>> Uncover 6 tips to becoming more efficient in cow-calf business


Chapter 12 - Useful Online Resources On Beef Cattle

>> List of available AI Studs and Semen services and the company contacts

>> List of available institutions that provide cattle health services and the company contacts

>> Breed Associations and Beef Cattle Associations to participate in to get updated with the latest news and meet with like minded people

>> List of available beef cattle equipment and supplies and the company contacts

>> List of available feed and mineral provider and the company contacts

>> List of available handling equipment provider and the company contacts

>> List of available identification service provider and the company contacts

>> List of available cattle management software and the company contacts

>> Resources and potential places to market your beef cattle

>> Layout examples for cattle handling with steps, pictures and plan diagrams


Chapter 13 - Learn From Others

>> Discover Online Webinars where you can learn about mating systems to solve problems and add value to the production systems, beef cattle reproduction cycle, practical advice for protecting your herd and investment, genetic selection to optimize cow size and etc. This webinars are conducted by experts from different Universities

>> Find out about Online Forums that you can Get Support from like Minded People


Chapter 14 - Beef...from Farm to Table

>> Learn the one thing you should be cautious of to avoid spoiling the taste and quality of the beef

>> Common questions asked for beef preparation from farm to table


"The Tips Revealed In This Handbook Are Practical, Applicable and Instantly Useful..."

I've put together these steps and first-rate tips for you to start a wonderful journey to raising beef cattle from scratch and you can avoid the costly mistakes along the way. In a couple of weeks time, you will most likely be able to visually see some results.

I took a lot of time writing my book that is jam-packed full of tips to ensure your success in building a loving relationship.

So if I invested my time to write this handbook that promises that your cattle will be happier, healthier and most importantly safe... how much would you be willing to invest in it?

If you were searching for these useful tips yourself, it would easily take you months (or even years!) to discover them. But obviously, you DO NOT have that kind of time because YOU WANT to enjoy your time with your cattle now. Or, if you go ahead and buy several magazines or books, you'll end up spending over $200.00 or more.

How about investing a measly $29.97 to help you get started on finding all these secrets?

That's it. For only $29.97 you'll own "How To Raise Beef Cattle – The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Beef Cattle!"

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


If you order today, you’ll also receive the Following Free Bonuses Worth AT LEAST $175.48:


11 Case Studies Of Other Beef Cattle Producers You Can Learned From


>> Real Life Story of a beef cattle owner on how they increase the cattle numbers from 200 annual livestock units in 2000-01 to 1,700 units in 2010 – an approximate 700% increase in carrying capacity.

 >> Real Life Story on a couple operating a beef cattle breeding enterprise that shows proven results in using a specific type of pasture

 >> Real Life Story of a couple who run 10,000 sheep and opportunistically agist about 500 cattle each year share their story on how they align the stocking rates with the long-term carrying capacity

 >> Real Life Story of how a couple who have found breeder segregation a proven strategy for managing grass, calves and cash flow.

 >> Real Life Story of how a fourth generation beef cattle owner record the fertility, growth and calving rates of their young breeding stock as they re-build herd numbers.


10 Sample Building Plans


Discover sample of building plans are presented with diagrams, descriptions and measurements on general barn, cattle corrals, cattle warmer dryer, cattle hay feedback, cattle feeding plan, calf warmer box, swinging gate, showbarn and meeting facility.



Diseases of Beef Cattle Associated With Calving, Post-Calving and Breeding


Whether you are ready to start an entire herd or are considering purchasing your first beef cattle, this eReport offers vital reference. In order to experience long-term success, beef cattle producers need to be aware of the diseases causes, signs and prevention during calving, post-calving and breeding.



Budgeting and Cost Estimation For Your Cattle Operation


This guide will help you produce a cost of production estimate for your beef cattle operation. Budgeting is the basic analytical tool that cattlemen use in making production and marketing decisions. Find out how the development of income and cost estimates can help the cattle producer manage the business.



Important Beef Cattle Records
(Templates Included)


Discover the importance of keeping records when raising beef cattle. Successful commercial producers and purebred breeders must be able to evaluate records. Commercial producers and purebred breeders sell to slightly different groups of buyers, but reproductive efficiency and growth rate is critical to both.



Cow-Calf Herd Health Program


A good herd health program consists of an immunization program and an internal and external parasite control program. Discover the vaccination programs that have the highest probability of establishing lifetime immunity in your calves and cowherd for the common viral and bacterial diseases.


15 Delicious Beef Recipes


This 15 booklets of cookbook shares with you a variety of succulent recipes celebrating beef’s versatility – roast, naturally nutrient, summer steaks, burger,  stir-fry, grill, barbecue, pan fried – you name it, it’s here.



These Secrets Are Yours In Just Five Minutes!

Great news. This ebook is available via instant download! You can be reading this ebook and the bonuses and be on your way of raising beef cattle in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, it’s so easy!

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I’ve put my heart and soul into this, and frankly, I won’t feel this is a success unless you become successful too. And I mean that sincerely.

I’ve already explained to you exactly how this comprehensive guide can help you - it’ll teach you the knowledge I wish I knew when I first started out to raise cattle - saving you both time and money!

I’ve given you all the information that you need to make an informed decision and I’ve made sure that I’ve included absolutely everything that I can to help you.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision, take action and avoid making costly mistakes!


To your success!

Author, 'How To Raise Beef Cattle:
The Essential Beginners Guide to Raising Beef Cattle'


P.S. Your search to find the most easy to understand and follow guide is over. If YOU want to learn How To Raise Beef Cattle without making the costly mistakes the ‘The Essential Beginners Guide to Raising Beef Cattle is For YOU!

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A practical guide, compile in a language that is easy to understand. This book is an easy and captivating read, written for the family that wants to raise good wholesome beef for themselves and perhaps a few others. It does cover everything you'll need to know to raise several beef cattle from buying to weaning. Great photos, concise plans and descriptions as well as good advice. I would recommend it to everyone I sell cattle to!

Michelle Wood
Alabama, USA



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